What’s in a Name?

Jacobson (2008) says, “for many of us our name has significance and is part of our identity” (p. 132). She continues:

Jacobson, T. 2008. “Don’t get so upset!” Help young children manage their feelings by understanding your own: A guide for caregivers. Minnesota: Red Leaf Press.

I was never a fan of calling others by endearment or by nickname. Unless they introduced themselves to me as such.

I never understood why many people I’ve met in Canada call children (that aren’t theirs) and others “hun”, “sweetie”, “buddy”, etc. (However, this isn’t to say I was never guilty of it. I tried to “fit in” one time or another.)

It’s interesting how it apparently trivializes children when we gush about their cuteness and when we don’t call them by their real names.