The Art Habit

  • Offered by Rachelle Doorley
  • April 24, 2017 – June 30, 2017
  • “The Art Habit helps you develop a weekly art rhythm where you will learn to set up meaningful art experiences that help children tap into their creative genius. I’ll walk you through which supplies to buy and how to organize your art space with little effort, and ultimately — how to set up an art habit that sticks.”
  • Course Overview:
    1. Build an Art Habit; Set Up and Organize Your Art Space; Reflective Teaching
    2. Process Art; Set Up Successful Provocations
    3. How to Talk to Children About Their Art
    4. Sensory Experiences
    5. Loose Parts; Time Management
    6. How to Keep Children Engaged; Learning in the Art Museum
    7. Artistic Development; Differentiated Learning
    8. Saving, Storing, and Sharing Art
    9. Collaboration and Art Games
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