Play and Nature Summit 2016

  • Presented by York Region Nature Collaborative
  • May 13-14, 2016
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Sessions Attended:
    • Touch Screen Technology & the Young Child
      • Presented by Dr. David Elkind
      • “Keynote speaker David Elkind [demonstrated] a variety of apps available to educators and students and [argued] that, while these apps do not accelerate development, they can enrich it, when the apps are targeted, and use is monitored to avoid excess.”
    • The Historical & Play Significance of Buttons
      • Presented by Dr. Diane Kashin & Rosalba Bartolotti
      • “This session [illustrated] how to do a button inquiry in the early years. Participants [were] introduced to the historical significance and play value of buttons. Throughout time children have been playing with buttons as well as learning to button and unbutton. Participants [had] an opportunity to explore a multitude of buttons. They [sorted], [classified] and [designed] with buttons while consider their historical significance. Participants [were] encouraged to bring along their own button box to participate in a button exchange.”
    • Health & Wellness Panel
      • Presented by Vanessa Karklins, Carol Karner, & Marlene Power
      • “[Our 3 experts shared] their thoughts on physical activity, the outdoors and child development. The panel will include discussion on the amount and intensity of physical activity recommended, the optimal type of supervision required and tips on how to incorporate outdoor time and the connection with nature.”
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