Outdoor Play Training

  • Offered by Dr. Beverlie Dietze & Dr. Diane Kashin
  • April 24, 2017 – July 28, 2017
  • “[The] curriculum presented provides evidence-based research information and practices that can be transferable to many outdoor environments for and with children.”
    “By engaging in this research project and the learning modules, we hope that you will gain new skills in designing outdoor play environments, supporting children’s outdoor play desires and facilitating child-centered outdoor play programming.”
  • Course Overview:
    1. History of Outdoor Play and the Culture of Childhood
    2. Why Outdoor Play is the Hallmark for Children’s Development
    3. Children’s Life Experiences & Outdoor Play
    4. The Adult’s Role in Outdoor Play and Learning
    5. The Role of Curiosity in Outdoor Play
    6. Pedagogy of Place and Nature Pedagogy
    7. How Loose Parts Bring Magic to Children’s Play
    8. Adventurous & Challenging: The Benefits of Risky Outdoor Play
    9. Designing Outdoor Play Spaces
    10. How Observing, Documenting, & Interpreting Children’s Outdoor Play Brings a New Lens to Play Possibilities
    11. Intentionality, Planning and Programming in Outdoor Play
    12. Children’s Outdoor Play and Environmental Sustainability
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