Help Young Children Cope with Stress and Trauma by Becoming an Ally: Bridge the Relationship Gap

  • Presented by Sara Langworthy via Early Childhood Investigations Webinars
  • May 24, 2017
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • “Children who have endured stressful experiences in their young lives may be especially challenging to teach. They may be overly disruptive or withdrawn in the classroom. However, early in life children are especially resilient to stress and can recover from trauma and adversity through supportive relationships with consistent and caring adults.So how can educators bridge the relationship gap with children facing early adversity?In this presentation, Sara will share scientific research and practical strategies from her book Bridging the Relationship Gap, and from her experience working with an elementary school that has adopted trauma-sensitive learning practices. Sara will address approaches for working one-on-one with children to build resilience and self-regulation skills, and share promising organizational practices that shape school environments to promote student learning and success.”
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