• Child Portfolio: Anecdotal Records, Pedagogical Documentation, Work Samples, and Ages & Stages Questionnaire
    • As an introduction to the portfolio, my colleagues and I each explained our own Image of the Child. The following observation records came from data collected by the three of us, providing different perspectives for each activity showcased. With the permission of his primary caregiver, I photographed Felix (not his real name) and documented his activities during our observation. We also related our data to the four foundational conditions as outlined by Ontario’s pedagogy for the early years, How does learning happen? (2014). I edited and proofread each entry before we submitted the child portfolio assignment to the professor.
  • Narrative Observations: Running Record and Anecdotal Records Practice
    • In the beginning of my study in the early childhood education program, I learned about the different types of observations and the etiquette behind the practice. To solidify this learning, I completed running records and anecdotal records for practice.
  • Learning Story: Marie’s Day Out
    • Through my own exploration and inquiry, I ventured to understand play-based learning better as I completed a Learning Story based on the Te Whariki curriculum. I narrated what happened during an outdoor activity with Marie (not her real name), explained what it means in relation to her development, and laid out opportunities and possibilities for next steps to expand her learning and play. Due to the nature of this class assignment, I skipped the comments and feedback from Marie, her peers, and/or her family. I photographed Marie and documented her activities with the permission of her primary caregiver.