Activity Plans

  • Loose Parts Mosaic
    • This activity is an epitome of open-ended activities wherein children are free to express themselves and manipulate the given materials based on their interests.
Physical Activities
  • Hammers and Golf Tees
    • This activity illustrates the flexibility of children’s thinking as the materials are moved in different areas of the learning environment. It is simple enough to implement, but it can also be expanded in so many different ways to scaffold children’s learning.
Sensory Activities
  • Play Dough Letters of My Name
    • This activity is designed for older preschoolers to support their literacy and fine motor skills. However, it is a great example of how a planned activity can be interpreted differently by the children and how, as educators, we can allow them to take the activity to different directions.
  • Oobleck
    • This activity explores science concepts in an exciting setting. The children are immersed in this investigation through their senses.