Frequently Asked Questions

  • What requirements do I need to participate?

You’ll need a computer and stable internet connection to join us on Zoom. Although you can technically use a mobile device, I do not encourage it simply because your child will not be able to see everyone on screen.

You’ll also need a Facebook account to access our class portal page (i.e., group page) for announcements, discussions, and other class communication.

  • What is the schedule like?

Our Play & Learn sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour each.

• Session A at 10:00am EST

• Session B at 3:30pm EST

If you are in a much different time zone, send me an e-mail

at and we’ll arrange a schedule that works for us both.

  • What is a "play school"?

A play school is where children receive quality education through play-based learning. A child-led, play-based program supports the holistic development of the child. Focusing on the whole child provides children the opportunity to develop and practice lifelong skills that are foundational for all future academic learning and long-term success.

  • How will The Play Process get my child ready for kindergarten or first grade?

In engaging with activities that capture your child’s interests (i.e., child-led play), your child’s brain is forming strong, lasting neural pathways that contribute to critical executive functioning skills (learning about learning) in the prefrontal cortex – the brain’s “command centre.”

  • Will my child learn math and science through child-led play?

Yes. Your child learns concepts like counting, comparing & contrasting, patterning, cause-and-effect, and more without the pressure of having to memorize and get things right. (Thus, they retain the knowledge better.)

  • Will my child learn how to read?

Learning to read can’t be rushed, but developing essential literacy skills happens spontaneously through songs, stories, dramatic play, and fingerplays.

During child-led play, your child hears and plays with smaller sounds and words that develops her/his phonological awareness. Your child also learns print awareness: how to handle books and understand how letters & words have meaning. Of course, your child also expands her/his vocabulary and continuously improves her/his oral language skills while learning the different shapes & sounds of letters. Additionally, your child builds on her/his background knowledge that provides context for the words she/he will be reading when she/he is ready to read.

  • Will my child learn how to write?

Similar to reading, we can’t force children to learn how to write. Like riding a bike, there are foundational skills (for example, gross motor skills, balance, & hand-eye coordination) that need to be mastered before the training wheels can come off.

In our Play & Learn program, your child will exercise her/his small and big muscles in the core, the chest, and the arms all the way down to the fingers. Your child will learn to make cross-lateral movements (crossing the mid-line of the body such as touching the left knee with the right hand) as well as develop her/his spatial awareness and spatial problem-solving skills.

If you have even more questions, send me an e-mail at

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