Hi! I'm Camille. I've always wanted to be a teacher and discovered my love for working with our youngest learners. I'm a Registered Early Childhood Educator in Ontario, Canada. I've worked with children in the classroom and in the childcare settings since 2010 and have enjoyed every minute of it. Now I get to teach YOUR child online! I can't wait!


Online Play & Learn

The one and only online early years play school that is interactive and engaging, where your child can build self-confidence & close friendships, grow a love of learning, and develop social, emotional, cognitive, & physical skills.

Thank you so much for your time/dedication and passionit does not go unnoticed!

-- Shona P.

Classes run twice a week for an hour each day. The main activities will involve storytime, music, and movement. There will be other games and activities that may include arts & crafts, simple science experiments, and dramatic play. Your child will also be interacting with his/her classmates throughout our time together.

Wondering if your child will stay engaged during our sessions?

I’m a hands-on educator who fully engages with the children and invites them to explore and follow their curiosities through play — in-person or online. I believe in Ontario’s early years pedagogy that emphasizes belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression as foundations for learning, so these are central to our program.

Got more questions?

I have answers!

  • Do parents have to be present in class?

No, but I encourage you to be beside or at least nearby to “participate with” your child as I am not physically with them. You also need to log your child into the online classroom at the start of each class.

  • What if my child is shy, active/busy, loud, etc.?

It’s okay unless your child is hurting someone or something.

Children are as unique as adults — We all have different temperaments and different moods. A busy child doesn’t mean she/he is not paying attention to storytime or teacher instruction. A shy child doesn’t mean she/he is not engaged in or enjoying the activities.

Moreover, I have experience in working with a variety of children’s personalities and behaviour. I’m excited to teach your child and help her/him have a wonderful experience!

  • How does an online school provide the same education as in-person schools?

Your child will not be sitting and staring at your computer or digital device. She/he will have plenty of opportunities to engage in the activities and interact with other children.

Although they may not be able to physically share and play with each other, the children will be sharing their play ideas and stories. Your child will develop communication, listening, & entry skills; will learn how to be a part of a group (taking turns, cooperating, managing conflict, etc.) & how to be a friend (being kind, helpful, affectionate; supporting others; exercising empathy); and will develop emotional competence that is a key to developing strong social skills.

  • How much is the fee?

You will have a 7-day free trial then it is CAD67/month.

  • Are there packages for families with multiple children?

Additional children from the same family will each be charged CAD60/month.

  • Why pay for your program when I can have my child play an educational video game or watch an instructional show for free?

Programmed and pre-recorded activities are not truly interactive. Responses to your child’s words, actions, or game moves aren’t unique or personal. On the other hand, my online Play & Learn classes are about engagement, social interaction, and connection. After all, we do not learn in isolation.

If you have even more questions, visit our FAQ page or send me an e-mail at hello@theplayprocess.com.

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